photographer Peter Novak
weddings; theatre; portraits & life

Be in, study in Zlin

personal project

I spent three years of my life in Zlin. I studied Marketing Communications here from 2013 to 2016. Those year were the best. I didn't understand Zlin: a week here goes by in one hour. Anything you want, you can do here. You can shoot one photo for eight hours and nobody counts your timesheets.

I don't think anyone's gonna give me 3 years just to think about taking pictures.

Receiving 10 euro for one photo shoot of the concert and it's great. 3 years of unlimited time to think. You celebrate your birthday from Monday to Thursday. Unlimited time and yet it passes so quickly and over time, everything fades away. Is there a difference between limited and unlimited time? I'm left with a memory and a bit of false nostalgia, but I would wish to live in Zlín for anyone – for three years and no more. 

Be careful, it'll go by fast.