photographer Peter Novak
weddings; theatre; portraits & life

Hello there, I'm Peter

I love 80s, espresso tonic, my Leica, Depeche Mode, travel and Greys Anatomy (and much much more). A little bit geek, a little bit crazy and I love to talk about anything I like! Extra points to those who recognized Star Wars in the title.

Since 2010 he has been creating photographs, short films and capturing everything that moves - people, events, theatre and my family on hikes. Over the years, I’ve moved from analog to digital and back, I built a darkroom... I simply love photography.

This site has come a long way – first as, then HelloPeter Photography and alongside that a personal website where I posted editorials, free work, portraits, theatre and personal photos.

Since 2023 I decided to merge everything here at HelloPeter Photography, so you can find everything from weddings to portraits to theatre in journal.

I am also a fan of photo equipment: I use Hasselblad (studio), Canon (reportage/weddings), Leica (travel/weddings) and Fujifilm (timelapses/backup). Just the right camera for every job you know! You can read more in the gear section.

Perky Pug Films

I dedicate myself not only to photography, but also to filming. I make films under the brand Perky Pug Films – and we travel worlwide searching for lovestories. I love shooting analog (Kodak Super8 film) and editing everything together with a digital film camera. If you're interested in a wedding video, be sure to drop me a line and we'll put together a great team for both photography and videography.